The first time I heard the phrase “We are here we’re queer, get used to it” was while watching the Simpsons a few years ago.  This has evolved to become a widely used slogan by the gay community.  According to Oxford English Dictionary originally the term queer meant strange, odd, peculiar, or eccentric.  However the Homosexual community has taken this word and brought it to it’s modern meaning as we know it today.  The phrase “We are here we’re queer, get used to it” means a lot to me.  It takes my true beliefs and puts them into words perfectly.  People are becoming more and more comfortable being “different” now more than ever before.  Another reason why this phrase is meaningful because several years ago before I knew what the term ‘Queer’ meant, a family friend jokingly used the phrase while at a party.  As a curious eleven year old, I went online to look it up.  I got the bare meaning of the phrase and just brushed it off.  Many people nowadays joke about this type of thing, but don’t recognize the struggle that people truly go through.  Looking back with a more developed understanding of the term and phrase, it disappointing me that privileged citizens joke about people’s struggles. Regardless, the saying has a much deeper meaning to me now.  There are many people who are “different” now.  There are so many in fact that they aren’t different anymore.  Just like it isn’t normal to be a boy compared to a girl, it isn’t normal to be heterosexual compared to homosexual.  The last part of the phrase “get used to it” is my favorite part.  People need to get used to the fact that there are people who do not meet “traditional” standards.  At the end of the day homosexual couples love each other just as much as heterosexual couples do.  So who should care who you love, all that matters is that it is LOVE!!!